Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Chanel 2009 S/S Haute Couture

The last Chanel Haute Couture collection is like a new beginning. "A white page," says Karl Lagerfeld, "a linear and timeless graphic interpretation. It's like a starting point for the story of this new era, for which all the details still need to be written. That is why I chose paper as the theme for the couture collection this season. "The strong connection between Karl Lagerfeld and this theme gives this collection its intensity, "it's also the fabric that i prefer most... I love paper! Everthing begins on paper. Without paper I would be lost!"
This collection is minimal and extremely sophisticated. All of the luxurious details, from the embriodery to the fabris, are more suggested than overt. "It's the new modesty" according to Karl Lagerfeld. These pure, graphic silhouettes often combine two elements: a short top and a straight skirt, both highlighted by lightness and fluidity. The skirts have discrete slits. The removable cap sleeves conceal the shoulders and allow for freedom movement.
This monochrome collection is first and foremost a "game of lines and shapes," continues the designer. Underneath the geometry and purity of the cuts, it's the floral exploration of the embriodery and the minute details that discretely color this collection. The floral theme is found in the white roses and daisies, with wmbriodered flowers and pateals from the ateliers of LemaeiƩ and Lesage. It is also the inspiration for the sumptuous hairpieces that the Japanese artist Katsuya Kamo created for the collection. "There is something similar between a flower patel and a sheet of paper" says Karl Lagerfeld.

Fashion Show (Part 1 & Part 2)

Color Family of this collection:
It is the color family of achromatic color. White color is the main theme of this collection, thus it has a large proportion in the collection. Other colors like black and grey are used for decoration. This is because we usually wear bright or light colors in summer. Although there are black outfits, they are made of or decorated using some shiny materials which made the outfits look less dull. Under the sunshine, I believe the black outfits still look charming and catch people's eyesight.

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