Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chanel latest collection - 2009-2010 F/W Ready-to-wear

The 2009/10 Dall-Winter Ready-to-Wear collection is an homage to black, all kinds of black. Karl Lagerfeld gave this collection a working title: "The collection is called Chanel Belle Brummelle," as a reference to Beau Brummell, "the 18th century English dandy whi invented the look for men or dark clothes with the focal point on ties, scarves, collars and cuffs. "Therefore, in this collection there are ruffed collars and cuffs in white tulle, muslin and taffeta, which adorn the neck and wrists of the elegant black dresses and impeccable black suits. This unity of the blacks is punctuated by moments of pale pink and jade green, which delicately enliven the collection. As for accessories, the jewelery is geometric, with a playful and unpretentious art deco inspiration. Also of note are the classic bags in their thermoformed packaging, with pockets for an iPod, a N5 perfume, and sunglasses.

For this collection, staged at the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld designed a minimalist and purified decor. It was made up of a succession of eight white spaces and a contrasting black lacquered floor - a combination which could just as easily evoke a vast contemporary apartment, an art gallery or Chanel's couture salons on the rue Cambon. Door frames in the white spaces allowed for movement throughout the blocks and for the models to cross one another weaving down the runway, breaking from the traditionally linear movement of fashion shows.

Photos of the Show
Fashion Show (
Part 1 & Part 2)
Collection Details

Color family of this collection:
White, grey and black, the achromatic colors, are commonly used in winter. However, black and grey have a larger proportion that white only takes the decoration part of the whole outfit. These three colors show the independence of modern female. On the other hand, pale pink gives a warm and romantic feeling and jade green projects a calm feeling which suit the mood of winter.

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