Monday, 20 April 2009

Chanel 2008-2009 F/W Haute Couture

For this season's haute couture, the designer conceived a central burst of tubes as tall as 32 meters under the majestic glass ceiling of the Grand Palais. "One day, he says, I was at a piano concert given by Helene Arnault and Brigitte Engerer... It all started then. It is the organ buffet at the Salle Gaveau that inspired me." For Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion show's set is extremely important. It is more than a simple illustration or prolongation of the collection's theme, it is a true architectural proposition. The power, the strength, and the originality of this effort add a whole new dimension to the show, as the architecture connects the fashion to the show's music.

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Fashion Show
Karl Lagerfeld Interview

Color Family of the collection:
In this collection, black and grey colors take a larger part in designing the haute couture. Apart from the achromatic colors that Karl Lagerfeld used in every collections, he uses different hues of red colors to enliven the whole collection. These red colors bring a contrast in the collection and differentiate from the other outfits.

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